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Of Mobi4 by Mobisoft

With a proven track record of increasing sales, decreasing ordering errors, and growing customer loyalty, Mobi4 is the most advanced B2B mobile ordering solution designed specifically for wholesale businesses

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What can Mobi4 do to improve my business?

Mobi4 gives your customers a modern mobile ordering experience with one-click access to your entire inventory catalog which you can customize with pricing, images, specials, and featured product. Mobi4 allows you to largely automate the ordering process, eliminating the need for time-consuming back-and-forths AND eliminating ordering errors. As a (huge) added bonus, Mobi4 also comes packed with sales and marketing features which have a proven track record of helping wholesalers grow their revenue. We like to sum all of that up by saying that Mobi4 improves your wholesale business through easier ordering, increased sales, and more loyal customers.

Can I talk directly with someone on the Mobisoft team?

Absolutely! We are here to talk whenever you’d like. We have decades of experience working with foodservice distributors to improve orderings systems, and we’d love to find a way to help your business.

Is Mobi4 secure? Does Mobi4 keep my data safe?

Data security is one of our primary concerns here at Mobisoft. We have ensured that the platform is highly secure. You will never have to worry about anyone but you seeing your data. Additionally, all Mobi4 is hosted on AWS. The platform has nearly 100% uptime so you will never have to worry about maintaining, updating, or troubleshooting anything.

Does Mobi4 function offline?

Yes! Mobi4 features seamless offline functionality so your customers can input orders even if they don’t have WiFi or cell phone reception. Mobi4 stores the ordering information then sends orders automatically the moment service is restored.

Is Mobi4 difficult to set up? Will it integrate with my backend system?

We have experience integrating Mobi4 with almost every back-end system out there, so launching the app takes almost no work on your end!