How MOBI Accelerated Business Growth for Our Clients

How MOBI Accelerated Business Growth for Our Clients

Today, on the Mobisoft blog, we are talking about success. Specifically, we want to showcase one of our most successful clients and discuss some of the tools we use to help her achieve big results. When we talk about big results, we mean increasing revenue by 17% kind of big. These are the kinds of results possible with Mobi4, and we hope, by the end of this you’ll have an idea of just what Mobisoft can do for you.

Several months ago, we worked with a client named Linda. Linda manages a wholesale warehouse for convenience stores throughout the Southwest, and she has had a steadily growing customer base. However, she couldn’t keep up with the orders. Linda’s stores were still mailing and faxing orders in on paper. Simple errors such as bad handwriting often resulted in mistakes. And when mistakes happened, who do you think was blamed…

It was always Linda.

Her sales reps were struggling to keep everything organized. Linda had a small team and they were putting in 60-hour weeks just trying to keep all their stores informed about stock, pricing, tracking, and order history. Linda was overworked, overwhelmed. She was losing sleep worrying about customers moving to other wholesalers because they could offer something she couldn’t.

She desperately needed to make a change.

Six months after Linda upgraded with MOBI, she saw a 17% increase in revenue, 20% increase in order volume, and a 50% decrease in customer service calls. At the end of the day, that’s the bottom line. When the cogs of your wholesale business are running smoothly, you’ll immediately start seeing the benefit: business growth.

Curious how she pulled it off so quickly?

The key was MOBI and our apps, like the new Mobi4. It combines the most effective tools for faster ordering, more accurate orders, and introducing new and exciting products to customers. Additionally, it is a powerful sales and marketing tool that can help wholesalers improve their sales without sales reps having to visit the customers as often!

After completing our webinar series, Linda tested out the app in several of her stores. The stores replaced their clipboards with smartphones and tablets, instantly eliminating the pain and waste of paper, not to mention the cost! Here’s just a taste of what they are now able to do…

  • They gained access to features like SMART search, customer specific order guides and easy-to-access lists made ordering much easier.
  • Every order was organized by date and quantity into an Order History, letting a store see exactly what they have ordered in the past. Now they can re-order with absolute confidence.
  • Store managers could browse and place orders immediately, and allowed Linda to ship the next day, or on the customer’s fixed delivery day, whichever works best for the customer.
  • Every one of her customers saved time and money by utilizing Mobi3.

On Linda’s end, her mailbox and fax machine were no longer being flooded with paper orders. Instead, orders are processed directly to the ERP/WMS system automatically. Drastically cutting down and eliminating excess work!

She could show her stores special sale items, promos, close-outs, and notify them if their order was too small, or instantly send them PDF sales flyers.

Linda’s life became a whole lot easier.

So much of business is about reputation and loyalty, and within six months all of her customers had heard about her improved ordering app and jumped on board. And soon enough, she earned the business of dozens more stores in her region.

We’ll remind you one more time– a 17% increase in revenue, 20% increase in order volume, and a 50% decrease in customer service calls in just six months.

It doesn’t take much time to completely overhaul and perfect your ordering process, to set the foundation for serious business growth. And now, we have the new and improved Mobi4 app to help wholesalers just like you. Schedule your free trial of Mobi4 and see what MOBI can do for you!

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