Sales Prospecting Techniques: How Good Are You?

Sales Prospecting Techniques: How Good Are You?

You need to have your sales techniques down to a tee. You may hate prospecting, but it is one of the most important components in sales. Maybe you’re reading this thinking you don’t even have a clue what sales prospecting is. Most often people don’t realize they are prospecting ineffectively, so we are here to tell you how to use sales prospecting techniques to your business’s advantage.

To acquire good customers, you need to acquire good leads which can be done in several ways. You can always find techniques to get good leads and customers with inbound marketing, referrals, networking, and outbound sales prospecting. But today we want to focus on outbound sales prospecting. We want you to find how to best use your time in sales.

Sales Prospecting Techniques for You and Your Team

However, we don’t want you to get confused between potential prospects and prospecting – they are very different. A prospect will be a lead that is likely to decide to do business with you. Prospecting is common for salespeople and involves searching for new customers for your business. Imagine prospecting as a clean slate. You are searching for new leads and customers, whether that be in a new target market or going even further into the same sector.

Use the following tips and tricks we provide to help you find the best leads that will eventually convert to customers.

Target Market

It is important that you know who your target market is when you are using sales prospecting techniques. Often times people start low on the totem-pole when making calls. First try higher up on the decision makers end. If you can get the person in charge of whether they say “yes” or “no” to your sales pitch makes a big difference than calling someone who will have to go through to relay your message. Have your list clear of your targets and ready to start before you begin calling and emailing.

Make Calls

You want your prospect to be warmed up to you and your company. Have them familiarized with your name and affiliation prior to a call or email. There are many ways in which you can do this such as having a mutual connection put you together, “like” a status or change on their LinkedIn profile, comment on content they post on social media, and other ways that would involve a business professional introduction or familiarity. Once you have you prospect semi familiar with you and your company a phone call and email will be much more likely received and read well.

Subject Matter Expert

You must demonstrate that you are a thought leader or subject matter expert to build your credibility with your prospect. By establishing your credibility, you will gain the trust of your prospect prior to reaching out to them. Begin writing articles for industry publications, start your own blog, be a speaker at conferences and trade shows. Having your name out there, or at least searchable, will make your leads much more likely to do business with you.

Trusted Source

Trust is the most important purchase in a sales deal. You want to be the go-to person for your client. They need to know that for anything and everything you are there along the way. Being a person providing solutions to their problems and not just a salesperson increases your referrals from that client as well. When your clients trust you, they will become a resource to help you in the future.


Close your sale after you educate your customer on their need for you and your company and have gained their trust. You need to build a relationship with you customer and not just be another sales pitch. Step out of the box for your sales prospecting to tailor to each customer’s needs.

Now you are prepared for your next sales endeavor! Sales prospecting may seem frightening but believe us it is not as difficult as it may seem. As long as you know your target market, build relationships, become a trusted source and are able to confidently speak to your leads you and your company won’t have problems!

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