How To Choose a Wholesale Distributor

How To Choose a Wholesale Distributor

In today’s competitive marketplace it can be difficult to choose the best wholesale distributor for your company. And with new products constantly stepping out into the marketplace makes it a hassle for everyone to keep up. With more than 400,000 wholesale distributors in the US it can be challenging to find which is meant for you. To choose the proper wholesale distributor for your business follow these tips and tricks.

Steps For Choosing Wholesale Distributors


With a very large number of wholesale distributors in the United States you have to do research from the very beginning. Whether you use a search engine such as Google, attend a trade show, call a manufacturer, or speak to competitors and colleagues alike, you need to find wholesale distributors that works best for you!

Contact the Manufacturer

Sometimes you will luck out by being able to receive the products you need directly from the manufacturer, but often times they only sell through established distributors. If this is the case, ask for a list of the wholesale distributors they use. By starting with the manufacturer you can get some of best distributors – especially ones they trust – to start your search for a reliable wholesaler.


While it’s nice to have a manufacturer send you a list of their preferred distributors, it’s also smart to use a search engine such as Google. With simple search terms you can find distributors for your needs, and as you dig deeper into the research you will get more specific search options. Use the words “wholesaler” and “distributor”, but also use keywords specific to your product and company. You may even find an article listing some top local wholesale distributors.

Create A Contact

Once you’ve received a list from the manufacturer or you’ve made a list of your own, begin reaching out to the distributors. Send an introductory email, keeping it simple, short, and to the point. Don’t try to sound too big, be honest about your business and what you are looking for. Whether or not you choose to send an email don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and make a call. And if you do send an email it is always smart to call a few days after to check on the status of your email (think of this as a job interview).

Attend a Trade Show

One of the best ways to grow your business is by attending a trade show. Speaking with manufacturers and wholesale distributors directly will cut out any inaccurate information you find online. This will also help to see what companies work best with you by meeting face-to-face. Look online at TSNN and 10times, two of the largest trade show directories, to see if there are any trade shows that would work for you and your company. From large companies to local companies depending on the location these trade shows can become one of the greatest resources for your research.

Online Ordering

You want to find a wholesale distributor who has the capability of allowing you to order online. This allows ordering after normal business hours and for you to view on your own time the stock, price, and information needed to place an order. Allowing online ordering can be a huge benefit for you and your company on the days that you may not have the time to call or visit the distribution center. While this is not a make or break deal for some people, think about how online ordering can affect you.

Lowest Price Does Not Mean Highest Value

Often times many people choose a wholesaler because they offer the lowest price, which is the best deal, right? Not always. Just because you are getting the best price value does not mean you’re getting the best quality value. Before taking the lowest bidder’s offer do your research about all the services they provide. Be sure that the distributor has quality products and quality service, otherwise you will be highly disappointed when selling your product.

 Decision Time

Now that you’ve finished your research and discovered a wholesale distributor that is best for you be ready to negotiate. You will want to negotiate your pricing terms, delivery schedules, minimum order quantity, and a few other items. If you feel the need you may want to have a lawyer review your agreement details in the contract before you sign away.

We here at Mobisoft hope this helps you in the decision process of wholesale distributors. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. If you wish to take your business to the digital world with our digital ordering system and cut out the paper Mobisoft is the company for you.

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